Thursday, September 6, 2012

Danielsville Hardware

I just love the hell out of getting things in the mail.

Especially artwork.

This past June, I took a picture of the Danielsville Hardware store in Danielsville, GA for Steve, the owner. If you are ever in town, I highly recommend shopping at the store. They have quite the selection of old and new, and some things you wouldn't expect to find in a hardware store. Vintage cameras, old sunglasses, party dresses, antique furs - you name it, it's probably there. I could have spent a week piddling around in there.

The other day, I received this great piece of mail - Matthew Brogdon, who I met whilst doing the tintype, sketched my tintype and sent it to me. Below you will see the original tintype, followed by the sketch that Matthew did. Thank you, Matthew!

Danielsville Hardware, Danielsville, GA, June 2012

Danielsville Hardware Sketch by Matthew D Brogdon

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  1. Matt is indeed a draftsman, architect, mechanic and too many other things to mention. He's just about as handy as pockets on a shirt when it comes to fixing all the stuff I tear up!