Monday, April 18, 2011

My Morning Jacket shoot with Danny Clinch

Some time in late February, I got the opportunity to work with photographer Danny Clinch.

Danny had called me up earlier that month with the idea to photograph My Morning Jacket in wet plate. I was very excited to work with Danny. So, I rounded up my gear, stuffed it into my trusty vehicle, and headed for Industria Studios.

It was a bitter cold, completely sunless New York winter kind of day. My car was parked half-in, half-out of the studio so that I could work from the trunk of my car - (which is where my darkroom is.)

I had a great time working with Danny. He has a great, inexhaustible energy that is totally contagious.

The photographs in this post are copyright Danny Clinch.

To see more of Danny's photographs, visit his website at


  1. I can say that working w/ lisa was an awesome experience . truly an artist (as well as a mad scientist) , myself and the band enjoyed the welcome distraction of watching her work her magic in her darkroomcarlaboratory.
    what a blast . Teamwork is fun. thank you Lisa ,hope to do it again ! Danny Clinch

  2. Your photography is simply breathtaking. I love it and thank you for sharing.